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How do you replace a text smart object?

However, with the Smart Objects, just double click the layer and it opens up your Smart Object with all the layer and text information still intact! Go in and make some changes to the text.
In order for the changes to take affect, you’ve got to save this newly opened file. When you save it, you’ll notice the changes have automatically taken affect in your main document
How to edit smart object?

Select the Smart Object from the Layers panel, and do one of the following:
Choose Layer > Smart Objects > Edit Contents.

Double-click the Smart Objects thumbnail in the Layers panel.

Click OK to close the dialog box.
Make edits to the source content file, then choose File > Save.
Photoshop updates the Smart Object to reflect the changes you made. (If you don’t see the changes, make the Photoshop document containing the Smart Object active)

How to Install Fonts on Windows?

Search for free fonts and then download them.Find the location where you downloaded the fonts. Usually, it is the Downloads folder on your account (C:\Users\Username\Downloads).
Install the fonts. Open Control Panel, click on Appearance and Personalization, and then click on Fonts or, if you are on Large or Small icons view, simply double-click the Fonts icon (the yellow folder with a blue “A”). Drag the downloaded fonts to the Fonts window. Alternatively, you may select all the fonts that you downloaded, right-click on them, and then click Install.

How do I purchase an item?

Add to Cart

If you want several items, use the ‘Add to Cart’ button and then choose ‘Keep Browsing’ to continue shopping or ‘Checkout’ to finalise your purchase. You can go back to your cart at any time by clicking on the shopping cart icon at the top right side of the page.

At Checkout, we’ll ask you for some account information before completing your purchase:

If you already have an Onepartyflyer account, simply sign in to pre-fill your account information.
If you don’t have an Onepartyflyer account, follow the steps to sign up.

Select your preferred payment option and enter your payment details. Take a moment to review your order before finalising your purchase.

What are my payment options?

To purchase your items you can use:

Your credit/debit card via PayPal.

Paying by PayPal

To complete a purchase using PayPal, simply click ‘Buy Now’ (single item) or ‘Checkout’ (multiple items), and select ‘Checkout with PayPal’.

You will be directed to a secure PayPal page to make your payment through your PayPal account (or with a credit or debit card through PayPal’s Guest Checkout option) and then returned to Onepartyflyer to finalise your order.
Downloading your items

Once you’ve purchased your items, we recommend that you download them immediately as items may be removed from Onepartyflyer Market from time to time.

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